Unfortunate Fire Incident

Interbuild Africa 2018
26th Jul 2018
Interbuild Africa 2018
15th Aug 2018

Another devastating fire accident has occured this Thursday, July the 26th at a shopping center in Boksburg. The complex is a superior decor, fashion, medical, health and retail centre. The cause of the fire is not known and three shops were completely destroyed due to the fire. No injuries or fatalities were reported but the financial loss due to inventory, equipment and infrastructure being destroyed was truly devasting to the businesses impacted.

Volcanic Wool products are designed to combat the issues faced from the above scenario. VW insulation can be used for industrial, private and commercial buildings. The melting temperature of VW insulation products of 1000ºC and its A1 fire rating which drastically limits flame spread would have made a material difference, allowing the structure to remain stable for a longer period of time and limit the flame spreading to additional shops and businesses.