Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation

When talking about noise, the first question raised in our minds is most commonly external noise on a Friday night coming from loud music blasting from the neighbor’s party next door or the sound of bikes and cars driving along the road at full speed. These are just a small part of it, the main problem is actually renowned worldwide and it is called noise pollution. Noise pollution is becoming an increasing concern in many large cities and neighborhoods as it has a harmful impact on the state of mind and performance levels of individuals.
All VW Products possess excellent acoustic properties that can protect your home from external noise and allow internal sound to be contained where you need it. By using VW products when insulating your office or home you can easily reduce noise levels drastically and allow peace of mind after a long day at work or prevent your confidential conversations from reaching unwanted ears.

VW Products are the go-to product for acoustic insulation in any buildings. VW acoustic products can be used on applications such as offices, call centers, theaters, cinemas, homes, schools, hospitals and studios.

Houses, homes, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, theaters and businesses can all benefit through the acoustic properties of our insulation, thus improving the quality of working environments for customers and employees and providing increased peace of mind in your own home.


At 0 NRC, there is no sound absorptions. The sound bounces off a smooth surface and back into the room, as shown by the waves


At 0.5 NRC, only 50% of the sound is being absorbed by the acoustic product, while the other 50% is being reflected into the room.


At 1 NRC, 100% of the sound is being absorbed by the acoustic product, and no sound is being reflected into the room.