Help the Planet with Volcanic Wool Product

Noise Pollution
3rd Sep 2018

As per the latest analysis of sophisticated satellite data taken taken from June 1 to August 31 this year by Greenpeace, Mpumalanga is the “worst” nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution hotspot across six continents.

It shows that Johannesburg and Pretoria are also affected by NO2 pollution‚ which is blown across from Mpumalanga by regular easterly winds.

The senior climate and energy campaign manager for Greenpeace Africa says that air pollution is a global health crisis, with up to 95% of the world’s population breathing unsafe air. Our government urgently needs to come up with an action plan that protects millions of people.

But it is not only the Government who can develop a plan, it is you and Volcanic Wool who both can do it today. Being a nature creation, Volcanic Wool Product help to decrease the harmful emissions into the atmosphere and the Greenhouse effect.

When you use our product to insulate your home, you will use less energy to cool and/or heat your house. By doing this you will contribute into new and better ecology-friendly world where your kids will breath in fresh and clean air.