Fire Incidents

25th Oct 2017
Festive Season
1st Dec 2017

Ultimate building industry development makes us face not only the benefits but the biggest fire incidents as well. Our country is also in the list. Last October a chain store in Cape Town has incurred a loss of several million rands after a 1‚000 m2 warehouse burned down. Fortunately, this time it was without fire deaths. The entire premises were destroyed and the steel structure have been compromised. According to the city’s fire and rescue spokesman‚ four fire engines‚ three water tankers and 32 firefighters were dispatched to extinguish a blaze that engulfed a 1UP Cash & Carry warehouse in the Kraaifontein area. But with the fire like this (even without the deaths) it is not only the premises that you loose. In the situation of the water crisis and the water restrictions implemented in September the issue is quite dramatic. All this makes us think about the right insulation material to be used both for industrial and civil construction activities.

Volcanic stone wool insulation products are made of 100% stone that is the natural fire obstruction material. It can stand the temperature up to 1000ºC and it can retain the fire spread saving lives and properties. You can learn more about it here