Environmentally Friendly

Inefficient and improper energy usage can lead to losses of up to 75% in buildings. Over and above this, the more energy we use, the more pollution is dispersed into the air we breathe. This is a serious concern as today, we are all facing the effects of global warming which has already resulted in undesired climate changes throughout the world.

When using VW insulation products, you can drastically reduce the spread of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. This is done by radically reducing energy usage within homes, offices and buildings thus preventing toxins such as CO2, SO2 and NO2 from polluting our environment.

All of our products are ecologically friendly and environmentally sustainable. They are made of 100% natural stone and form an integral part of any green building. Volcanic wool is a member of the Green building council of South Africa and actively promotes greener building practices and more energy efficient methods of building.

When using VW insulation products, you have the chance to save the planet and reduce your personal costs at the same time.