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Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd is a company specialized in manufacturing and supply of stone wool insulation products.

O ur products are made of one of the most attainable resources – stone – that is 100% natural material. We use only top quality raw materials to get the best product that fulfills our customers's expectations.

We produce reliable, best quality, cost effective and environmentally friendly insualtion products. We strive to offer the best product that is paving the future of moderm insulation within the world.

Volcanic Wool product is certified and its quality is proved by all the necessary testings.

Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd is a proud member of Morvest Group Limited, a Global Diversified Investment Holding group with international presence throughout Africa, USA and India and employs over 4000 people across the Globe.


  • Excellence in everything we do
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Passion & Commitment
  • Effective Communication


  • We, at Volcanic Wool International, deliver high quality thermal insulation to our customers in a way that makes our customers more economically successful and the world more environmentally sustainable.
  • Provide exceptional solutions to contribute to our client’s success.
  • Successfully promote and enhance a performance driven, innovative culture, where staff are passionate, motivated and are able to maximise their full potential.
  • Consistently create shareholder value.
  • Actively contribute towards social upliftment and environmental sustainability.



This policy applies to all processes and interested parties of Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd. The main scope of activity of Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd is the manufacturing and supply of stone wool insulation products and supports Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd’s strategic direction, it provides a framework for setting quality objectives and a commitment to satisfy regulatory, statutory requirements in accordance with ISO9001:2015 and SANS13162:2015 with the exclusions of product design and development, as well as property belonging to customers or external service providers as per ISO9001:2015.

Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and to comply with the requirements of the standards ISO9001:2015 and SANS13162:2015.

The Management of Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd have shown strong leadership in introducing and following the principles of the Quality Management System. The Management of Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd assume responsibility for the implementation and continual improvement of the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System, by supporting with the necessary resources required to provide their full and effective performance and post-implementation review.

The Management have approved the commercial distribution of the highest quality products that meet the demand of the consumers and that is being sold at a profit by Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd.
The Quality management system of Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd is developed based on the process approach for the company’s business, which improves its efficiency and promotes continual improvement in terms of the ISO9001:2015 Standard, the organization and its processes.

Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd declare that all personnel are aware of the Quality Management System and its principles and understand their contribution and involvement into it.

The strategic target is to meet the demand and needs of the consumers for continual improvement of the profitability of the enterprise, to save the existing markets and tap into new local and international markets.

The Management determined the basic inputs that shall be analysed to make decisions about the company’s future development.

Volcanic Wool International (Pty) Ltd is committed to build strong relationships with its customers and suppliers based on mutual cooperation and respect.



Environmental policy of Volcanic Wool International (Pty) LTD is aimed at:

  • enhancing the Company’s Environmental Managemet System;
  • maintaining Company’s environmental safety image at a high level;
  • development of effective measures to reduce adverse environmental impacts related to the Company activities.

General Manager of Volcanic Wool International (Pty) LTD is responsible for implementation of Environmental Managemet System. Company management undertakes implementation of environmental policy, as well as provision of the resources necessary to ensure successful and effective performance of the Company’s Environmental Managemet System and its analysis.

Volcanic Wool International (Pty) LTD on its own initiative, within the scope of its activity and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001, undertakes the following obligations:

  • environmental protection;
  • energy and raw material resources saving;
  • continuous improvement of environment-related activities;
  • ensuring all concerned parties are informed about its environment-related activities and environmental aspects of the finished product quality.

Volcanic Wool International (Pty) LTD fulfills the requirements of local legislation and other environmental-related requirements to ensure sustainable development and enhancement of the Company products competitiveness.