Non Combustibility

Large residential and industrial fires worldwide and in South Africa have led many regulators to rethink the way buildings are insulated in order to reduce damages and the loss of lives. Internationally, legislation has been changed in order to prohibit the use of any flammable materials in cladding or lagging and this is also the case within South Africa.

The National Building Regulations 10400 – XA (section A20. Classification and Designation of Occupancies) prohibit using combustible materials in multi-story buildings and they have fixed the designated use of insulation materials for single or double story buildings as per the region and climatic zone.

SANS 428 – Designated use of materials in single or double story buildings
Class of Occupancy Type of Occupancy Use Class of Occupancy Type of Occupancy Use
A1 Entertainment & Public Assembly 1 E4 Other Industrial (residential) 1
A2 Theatrical & Indoor Sport 2 E4 Health Care 2
A3 Places of Instruction 2 F1 Large Shop 3
A4 Worship 2 F2 Small Shop 3
A5 Outdoor Sport 4 F3 Wholesalers Store 3
B1 High Risk Commercial 2 G1 Offices 3
B2 Moderate Risk Commercial 2 H1 Hotel 1
B3 Low Risk Commercial 3 H2 Dormitory 1
C1 Exhibition Hall 2 H3 Domestic Residence 3
C2 Museum 2 H4 Dwelling House 3
D1 High Risk Industrial 2 H5 Hospitality 3
D2 Moderate Risk Industrial 2 J1 High Risk Storage 2
D3 Low Risk Industrial 3 J2 Moderate Risk Storage 2
D4 Plant Room 1 J3 Low Risk Storage 3
E1 Place of Detention 1 J4 Parking Garage 4
E2 Hospital 1

According to the rules only non-combustible products such as VW stone wool insulation products can be used in:

  1. Entertainment & Public Assembly
  2. Plant room
  3. Place of detention
  4. Hospital
  5. Other industrial (residential)
  6. Hotel
  7. Dormitory

VW product is made of stone that naturally resists the fire that makes it the perfect solution for the safety.